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Save Money & the Planet

There are many ways to save a little energy and cash! One of the quickest most economical ways is to replace your regular light switches with dimmers. There are many reasons that a dimmer is a better choice. One of them being that they save energy which equals money....

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Check Your Meter Base Consistently for Damage

Do You have a Meter Base that is coming loose from your house? Do you have good straps on your riser pole or have they come off? Over the years everything becomes weaker. The wood your service is supported by, and even the supports used to hold your service up becomes...

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Let Your BBQ’S SHINE with Outdoor Lighting

The season for backyard parties are upon us. Is your backyard ready? Installing outdoor lighting can give your backyard that extra bump it needs to become your friend’s new favorite hangout. Adding lighting to walk ways, pool areas, barbecue pits, and landscaping can...

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