The professionals on HGTV make electrical work look easy. Several TV shows are all for DIY and saving money. Also, resources like YouTube make it easy to learn just about anything you need to know to take care of business. Still, you may be wondering, Should I DIY or hire an electrician?

Almost always, the answer will be to hire an electrician. There’s a reason why it takes five to six years to become a journeyman electrician, and their training and experience doesn’t come from watching YouTube videos. 

Here’s why you’ll want to hire an electrician for your electrical projects, big and small:

1. Safety While on the Job

Electrical work is dangerous, and at times, it can be downright scary. Electricians can complete trade school in as little as nine months, but they’re training on the job for several years before they can become a full-fledged electrician.

Much of their training revolves around safety — for themselves, the client, and the structure they’re working on currently. They can approach each task with the right precautions and recognize dangers you may not even realize that exist.

2. Long-Term Safety Benefits

There’s an absolute peace of mind that comes with knowing a job was done correctly. Doing electrical work on your own can sometimes be nerve-racking. What if you forgot something, or weren’t sure of the work you did. Small issues can turn into major problems over time, which is why hiring an electrician to do it right the first time can provide benefits over the long term.

3. More than One Set of Eyes

When you complete your own projects, there’s only you and your pet to sit back and admire your handiwork. Maybe you did everything correctly, or maybe you didn’t — only time will tell. 

Electricians are held to a higher standard and have their work formally inspected. If it’s not up to par, the electrician will be responsible for redoing the work (not you!). 

4. Money Savings in the Long Run

If you’ve ever made a mistake on a home project, you already know what an expense it can be. You’re not only paying for more materials but also investing more time in the project than you initially intended. It’s frustrating and expensive and can be avoided entirely by hiring a professional.

By hiring a licensed and reputable electrician, you are removing the guesswork and saving money by not having to pay for wasted materials. Besides, getting it done right the first time not only saves you time but also the stress of it all as well.

5. Faster Turnaround

Electricians can do electrical work much faster than a typical DIY-er. They see these things day in and day out and have likely gotten their work down to an exact science. Instead of spending hours on YouTube trying to find the right tutorial or reading reviews and forums about a product or troubleshooting, your electrician can get right to work in completing your project. 

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