There are many ways to save a little energy and cash! One of the quickest most economical ways is to replace your regular light switches with dimmers. There are many reasons that a dimmer is a better choice. One of them being that they save energy which equals money. A normal light switch when flipped, sends 120v instantly to the light bulb causing extreme wear on the filament. This causes the lamp to burn out quicker. When a dimmer is installed and turned on, 120v is slowly sent to the light bulb making the lamp last considerably longer. You will also send
a lower voltage to the lamp when dimmed down causing your energy usage to be decreased which will save you cash! Most people can’t tell a difference between a lamp at 100% and one at 90%. That 10% difference will save you 10% in energy savings! Try a dimmer or two in your house or office and when you like it, you can replace all the switches in your home or business saving big money!