Electricity is the backbone of our modern day homes, keeping them bright, air-conditioned and enables us to utilize our electronic gadgets. Electricity has completely revolutionized the world around us, and we cannot even comprehend a world without it. However, with the immense benefits also comes the responsibility to use electricity with extreme caution. A single spark caused by a voltage fluctuation can bring down an entire building in a matter of minutes. According to the United States Fire Administration, 364,300 fires were reported in the residential homes in 2016 alone out of which 23,680 incidents happened because of Electrical malfunctions.

Below are a few electrical things to look out for to help keep your home or business a safer place.

Damaged Power Cords
Check the power cords of all the electronic appliances. Also inspect items that are moved frequently like vacuum cleaners, space heaters, iron, hair straightener, etc. Sometimes you will find damage at the plug (i.e., a missing or broken ground prong). In some cases, the live wire gets exposed because the protective layer on the power cords has been damaged due to heavy usage. It is better to replace the power cord with a new one or replace the item entirely with a new one.

Don’t Overload the Power Cords
All power points are designed to handle specific amperage. You can encounter power point overloading issues if you exceed this limit. Usually, older buildings are constructed with fewer power outlets forcing people to use power strips to use their electronic appliances. This can result in short circuits and even fires. You can either call professionals like Cotton Electric to add more circuits and power outlets or only use one or two electronic appliances at a time. Unplugging the devices which are not in use is also a safe practice that everyone should follow.

Protect Young Children from Electrical Hazards
We all know that there is no limit to a child’s curiosity and they like to imitate us. They watch us plugging in and unplugging our electronic devices and get curious about the power outlets. We cannot get rid of all our electronic gadgets but we can definitely make our homes a safer place for the kids. Replace your regular electrical outlet with a tamper-resistant receptacle. These tamper-resistant receptacles have spring-loaded shutters that have to be pressed simultaneously to open them. This only happens when you are plugging a device into the plug; hence your kids are safe from accidentally sticking objects in the sockets. Also, tidy up all your power cords and avoid using extension cords so that your baby does not trip on them.
Keep Electricity Away From Water
Water is one of the best conductors of electricity, and it can cause serious injuries when brought in contact with electricity. Many electrical accidents happen around swimming pools. We all like to chill in our pools to beat the summer heat with music playing on the side and drinks in our hands. You must follow precautions for electrical safety around pools. Ensure that all the electronic devices which you are using in the swimming pool area have a protective covering and are also waterproof. Get a professional to make sure that all the pumps, lights, and electronic appliances which are used in the pool are installed correctly and get them checked at regular intervals. Do not use extension cords near pools or be holding anything that is connected to a power outlet while in the pool or bath for that matter.
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