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    Fort Worth, TX is the fifth largest city in the state of Texas and the twelfth largest city in the United States. It is also the county seat of Tarrant County and it also expands to Denton, Parker, Wise, and Johnson Counties.

    With more than 40 years of serving the Fort Worth, TX region, Cotton Electric is your locally owned and operated electrician for residential and commercial needs. We’re neighbors serving neighbors, and with more than 895,008 people in the Fort Worth, TX community, we’ve put our expertise to work for countless homes and companies, all while keeping our business local. With over 160 years of combined experience from our licensed and certified technicians, we prioritize health and safety in every electrical project we work on to ensure an optimal outcome. Contact us today for a residential or commercial quote. 

    Best Electricians Company
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    Fort Worth, TX Skilled Electricians 

    From your A/C unit to the small appliances you use every day, electricity powers our modern lives. But when your electrical service starts to fail, you need to get it fixed immediately to avoid significant interruptions in your life.

    At Cotton Electric, we understand the urgency of any electrical problem, great or small. From strange burning smells to buzzing wires to tripping breakers or flickering lights, even the smallest electrical nuisances should never go unnoticed. These are all little warning signs that could indicate a much larger problem. And even though we hope that’s never the case, it’s essential to consult your local Fort Worth, TX electricians at Cotton Electric, to investigate.

    When you ignore these signs, it could be more dangerous than you may realize. Electrical issues don’t just impact your day-to-day activities. Still, they can also increase your risk of fire or other major damage that can be more costly to repair than having an electrician catch and fix issues early.

    Cotton Electric – Residential and Commercial Services

    We can help with all large and small commercial electrical projects, from panel changes to complete electrical installation in offices, schools, retail stores, warehouses, and more. Our electrical services include electrical safety inspections, new construction, and renovations, remodeling and rewiring services, etc. for commercial and residential properties.

    We know how scary it can be to have even the smallest electrical problem and not know how to get it fixed. Electrical issues can occur in many ways, with some indications that are clearer and certain problems easier to detect, while others may require more work. Our team of qualified technicians can help you with any problems and will always try to diagnose the problem at the earliest so that it can be fixed in a reasonable amount of time.

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    Why Choose Cotton Electric? 

    • Highly skilled and experienced team of technicians and electricians
    • Friendly service
    • Ongoing commitment to quality and post-project service
    • Safety-first approach
    • Licensed and bonded
    • The reputation of excellence spanning decades

    Cotton Electric is your trusted local electrical contractor in Fort Worth, TX. We can assist you in all aspects of electric services such as new installations, lighting upgrades, repairs, and maintenance.

    To learn more about the different electrical services we offer in Fort Worth, TX, call us at 972-296-4020 or simply fill out our online contact form.

    After all, we are all about your convenience.

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